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Aluminum training holds with a textured sandstone-like surface and tendon friendly shape. They feature the following holds:
● edge
● jug
● sloper
● crimp
● pinch
● mantle
● undercling
This includes all the features of finger/hangboards in a small compact form, PLUS two additional key features:
● each grip position is adjustable for degree of difficulty, and
● hold surface can be varied to provide greater (easier) or lesser friction (harder). What can you do… …you don’t have the time or opportunity to climb and train all that you’d like to. because work, family, school, other responsibilities, and location don’t allow you to be out on the rocks or in the gym as often as you’d like? This is the real world that many of us face. While it it is not possible to train technique and climbing specific movements away from rock or gym, Gstring Climbing Grips are a tool that can provide the means to gain and maintain contact and core strength and endurance. Temporary installations can be done by hanging from a removable doorway pull-up bar like the Iron Gym. They’re perfect for travel, students in dorms/apartments, or those not wanting to put permanent holes in their wall. Sling a rafter out or outside, sling a tree branch. For permanent installations (mount is permanent but G-strings are still removable), hang from bolts screwed into rafter/beam, or above door frame into header or studs.



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